Become knowledge and experience transit hub for elevating the professional mindset

Teaching gives people the knowledge to gain understanding in order to perform certain activities


‘COMPLY today’ has inspired a modern and stimulating educational framework that will positively contribute to people’s everyday performance.


Our Services

COMPLY TODAY through its trainers certified by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), delivers subsidized training sessions. If your business entity is registered in Cyprus and meets the HRDA criteria, then you are eligible to attend our HRDA subsidized training programmes.

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Training seminars are either organized with strategic partners or as Single-company Training Schemes (for more info visit for which we need to discuss your organization’s training needs holistically.


In addition, we are offering an e-learning course through one of our strategic partner's professional e-learning platform. More specifically, Comply Today has developed THE FATF GUIDANCE - SECURITIES PROVIDERS AND INTERMEDIARIES e-learning course (also giving 5 CPDs). Please visit:


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Some of the deliverable subjects which Comply Today is engaged include the below: 

More subjects coming soon

"Become knowledge and experience transit hub for elevating the professional mindset"